Finding work during a recession and global pandemic

Posted by: Jaine Roa on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 12:00:00 am

When recession strikes, people get on edge, especially when the recession is coupled with a global pandemic. While recessions can impact careers, and the job market, making the job search even more challenging, one should hold on to hope and reevaluate their search strategy. Here are some ways you can search on during a recession:


Concentrate on industries that are growing

While this pandemic has severely halted may of the traditional methods of employment we are used to, it has opened the path to more telecommuting opportunities. With people spending more time at home and many companies unable to have their staff come into the office, many businesses have moved to hire remote workers and many third party employers like Uber, Lyft, and Instacart have seen a massive boom in demand prompting the need for more drivers. Do a little research and pick a few companies that interest you and pursue them, whether they are currently hiring or not.

Network, network, network

A lot of times people have resources available to them that they may not realize. Speak to old colleagues, friends, even old bosses who may have a lead on someone looking or help.


LinkedIn is more than just a social media website; it is a professional networking platform with much possibility and opportunity. LinkedIn is full of recruiters looking to fill positions daily, as well as job postings that you may not find on another platform. It also serves as a kind of electronic resume, making applying for listed jobs that much easier.

Take a temporary position

Consider contacting a staffing agency to fill temporary positions that companies need filled ASAP. Also, consider applying for entry-level positions that may not be ideal for your larger career plans, but are easy to attain and provide some respite to mounting financial burdens.

Stay positive

As uncertainties continue to mount and our global situation grows seemingly endless, it is important to remain positive through the stresses added by a job search. Even in an economy slated to reach 19% unemployment, that leaves 81% employment and those are good odds.

Finding a great job in a struggling economy can be a downer but taking the necessary steps to put your best foot forward can improve your chances. Just keep looking.


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