Jaine Roa, Founder, and CEO of J Roa Consulting,  is a Connecticut native that has been in the business of Writing for over 10   years. Jaine has had a passion for  the English language since an early age. She grew up reading voraciously and always seeking   to improve her language abilities both written and orally. Being  brought up in a bilingual household, she was lucky enough to   become fluent in English and Spanish, both spoken and written. Jaine started her writing career as a  Technical Writer for a very   successful child welfare agency named Children First Partners, LLC. She furnished all documents for the start up company   including all  of their paper and e-marketing campaigns. Jaine's services offer clear, concise and professional communications  that bridge any gap between consumer and  supplier, or employee and employer.

Jaine offers a fresh, modern perspective to the world of technical writing. Jaine also understands the importance of clear,   professional communication and the  impact that it has on consumers. In a world that communicates with acronyms,   abbreviations and a character limit, it is not only refreshing but vital, to portray  sensibility and professionalism with communications.  Jaine has a passion for English and communications that governs the quality and eloquence of her work.  She is here to help you articulate complex information into easily understood language. Her desire to be the best at what she does makes for pristine work for her clients

Jaine is currently taking on new projects, contact her for more information.